“I believe that success is finding our purpose,

and then designing a life that embraces it

Aparna Rajawat

Aparna is a multi-faceted, talented and dynamic Motivational Speaker and Life Coach whose story is not merely rags to riches but a story from scratch to the sky and struggles. She has fueled positive changes for international audiences, from students to corporate employees and business leaders, by showing them the live example of positivity, consistency and persistency. Aparna is known for creating interactive programs that engage her audience.

Born and brought up in India, country of rich heritage and culture, she is an international medalist in Martial Arts and national champion many times. Aparna was also known as event choreographer and organized numerous dance shows across the country, but due to major road accident she had to quit her glorious careers in sports and choreography.

After her masters in English Literature and Business Management she started working in tourism as international tour manager and moved to London. This role required her to travel around the world and gave her the opportunity to do a lot of research on social systems, religious beliefs, cultures, and marriage systems, what led her to open her mind about the conditions of women in India and how, in so many ways, they are not seen equally.

Aparna has in-depth knowledge about the suffering of Indian women, as she was raised in a traditional Indian family but has always thought very differently about the role of women in Indian society.

After having the chance to interact with women from so many countries and cultures she changed her views about her existence and importance as a woman. She felt that she needed to do something to strengthen every female and to show them their true worth and potentials.

Aparna returned from London and devoted her life to do something for India. She came forward and Started “Pink Belt Mission” with the aim to give every woman self-strength and self-respect to be able to see this world as a safe place for them to live. It led Aparna to become inspirational speaker for women rights, and her powerful words and sensitive approach made her a renowned motivational speaker in India. Her powerful speeches teach people how to make life worth as she shares true stories of her struggles and adversities in very humorous and inspiring way to motivate people.

Aparna is known for teaching remarkable business skills by connecting and engaging people through the use of effective tools and by sharing her own powerful journey.

You come to that magical place where the art of story meets the strength and empowerment.

Small failures made me stronger to be successful”

Aparna Rajawat

International Martial Arts Medalist

Iconic Women of 2018

Nominated for HT Award 2018

Awarded by Women Comission of Rajhastan

Work Experience

15 years as International Tour Manager

International Honors

Calabasas Club USA

Woodland Hills Rotary Club Los Angeles USA


UP Police

1090 Women Helpline UP Govmt


Women Comission of Rajhastan

Mahila Samman Prakoshtha (UP Gvmt)

Founder of

Pink Belt Mission – A revolutionary mission for women safety and empowerment www.pinkbeltmission.org

Aaleya Welfare Society – Non-profit Organization for poor children education sponsorship http://www.aaleya.org

My story

Profile video – English

Profile video – Hindi

Me and Pink Belt

Read more about Pink Belt Mission at http://www.pinkbeltmission.org

” One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now.” – Aparna Rajawat