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She is a multi-faceted, talented, dynamic, sparkling, motivational speaker and Life Skills Coach whose story is not merely a rags to riches but a story from scratch to the sky and her struggle, not with people but the God Himself. She has fueled positive change for International audiences from students to Corporate Employees to Business Leaders by showing them the live example of positivity, consistency and persistency. Aparna is known for creating interactive programs that engage her audience.

Born and brought up in India, a country of rich heritage and culture, I have been blessed to have wonderful parents who have supported me to do things most Indian girls would only dream of. I have been an International medalist in martial arts and various time National champion in National level too, I played various sports at national level as a University Captain. I have also produced numerous dance shows across the country as a dance choreographer, But due to a major Road accident, I had to leave my glorious career in Sports & choreography.

After my Masters in English literature and Business management, I started working in tourism as a International Tour Manager & moved to London. This role required me to travel around the world & gave me opportunity to do a lot of research on the social system, religious beliefs, culture, marriage system etc in the country and also led me to open my mind and start seeing at some extent about condition of women suffering in India & aimless youth, In so many ways women are not seen equally.

Aparna has in-depth knowledge about pain and sufferings of Indian women as she was raised and experienced same too because of that she always thought very differently about the role of being a woman in Indian society, but after interacting with women from around the world she changed her views about existence and importance of her role as a female. She wanted to make every female feel this way too in India.

She returned from London and devoted her life to do something for India. Aparna came forward and Started “Pink Belt Mission” She aimed to give every woman SELF - strength, confidence, Self Respect and Esteem to be able to see this world is the safest place for them to live.

It led Aparna to become an inspirational speaker for women rights & their role in society & her powerful words & approach made her one of renowned motivational speakers in India, Her wacky wit and powerful stories have charmed hearts and tickled funny bones. In addition to her role as a funny motivational speaker, Aparna teaches people how she does it by sharing what she has learned about connecting and engaging to have more influence in business, through the use of one tool – strategic storytelling. Sharing her own powerful journey through story and the formula she discovered, you come to that magical place where the art of story meets the business of persuasion.

What makes her different...

Authentic Style - love her for using humor to open their minds, encourage laughter and facilitate meaningful change. charm them with her powerful stories – Audience connect with her – and leave them with a message they never forget. No matter what program she creates for you, she will make you feel valued, challenge you to think differently, and leave you better than found you. Her methods are a little wacky, she will shake things up a little and she is expert who will wrap your information in a truly unique life-changing way – and make people feel like they’ve just made a new friend, If she is going to teach you how to connect, then she should show you how to connect. she is going to show you the power of stories.

In personal development and motivation audiences want content centered around – topics like self-esteem, confidence, attitude, rewriting your inner script, reaching a higher level of passion, productivity, and prosperity. She also teaches the models how to love who they are on the inside.

People skills - Topics like team building, leadership, patient relationships, employee engagement. Because this is what I have learned to do on a stage as a motivational speaker.

Wisdom Rapped in humor - What Aparna's audiences learn gets used right away, gets passed on to others, gets results. Everyone leaves more connected to one another, more alive and having more fun.Aparna is one of the best prepared humorous motivational speakers available. She works closely with meeting planners to understand her audience’s needs, and then sculpts his message.

Strategic Storyteller - Other audiences come to me because they heard I’m the go-to person because they are looking for a fresh approach to improving sales presentations, pitches, speeches, and any other platform where their words are used to persuade and convince. And wow! Do I love to talk about strategic storytelling in business? It’s why I wrote The Story Formula and created Story Impact Academy. I love to take peoples’ pitches and stories and presentations and breathe new life into them. I love showing them how easy it is to use that tool in their life and in their business. I love watching their eyes light up when they finally get my story formula and don’t need me anymore. My workshops and boot camps are crazy high-energy “Kelly off script” and people love them. I can even bring my boot camp to your company! Or you can take your adventure online in Story Impact Academy!

Her exclusive methods - I love using stories to teach. Not just because they are entertaining and engaging, but because that’s the tool I use to connect and inspire. Science has proven that our brains are wired to learn through story, not data. Information can’t move people to action but a story can. It’s my gift. It’s my secret weapon and soon it will be yours.

I know it sounds like I’m a jack of all trades – but I’m really not. I’m an obsessive rabid fan of one trade – one tool – that, believe it or not, applies to ALL OF THIS – story. From the story line running through your head, to your employee story, to your customer story, to your brand story. It all fits.

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