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  • Overcome Negative challenges & adversity.
  • Boost engagement & performance
  • Build Authentic relationship & trust
  • Dealing with daily obstacles
  • Goal Setting & Achievements
  • Leadership in Business
  • Power of stress


  • How to be awaken
  • How Meditation change your life
  • Mindfulness and be awaken
  • Power of I AM
  • Witness of bigger picture

Women Exclusive

  • Self Defense Training
  • Legal Rights women must know
  • Strength Awakening
  • Be your own Hero


  • How to overcome of Exam Fear
  • Art of concentration & Memory Power

Type of Events

Aparna Rajawat is a thought leader and sought-after speaker who teaches people, leaders, and teams to infuse their lives and businesses with authenticity and appreciation.As a leadership expert, she partners with renowned organizations in the world helping enhance trust, collaboration, and performance.

She is ready to change your life AS

  • Corporate Speaker
  • Business Speaker
  • Healthcare Speaker
  • Non-profit Speaker
  • Educational Speaker
  • Associations Speaker
  • Women Exclusive Topics Speaker
  • Live Sessions - Workshops and Coaching
  • Hourly Private Coaching – Virtual
  • Full Day of Coaching.
  • 3 Day Exclusive Seminars
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