Why Aparna?

Aparna is one of the most electrifying speakers and her speeches are very powerful, funny, and thought-provoking. She has the gift of connecting with people and has the ability to inspire, motivate and empower people of all ages.

Based on her remarkable journey of overcoming adversities and self-transformation, she has an outstanding way of making you look inward, love who you are, and experience your own unimaginable transformation, empowerment and personal development. Self-esteem, attitude and confidence will become your new mantra.

She has an authentic style and exclusive methods to entertain, engage, open minds and promote significant changes in the core principles that lead our lives, like relationship, well-being, education and work.

Her strongest point is her humor, which embraced to her own stories make her a story teller with powerful messages that you will never forget.

Aparna has an unique approach on how to improve sales, team building, leadership, entrepreneurship, customer care skills, interpersonal skills, presentations, speeches, and any other platform where persuade and convince are the key factors to a higher level of prosperity and productivity.

It’s a sincere honor to speak at your event and I prepare intensely to understand attendee needs and get on stage to deliver my best to motivate, empower and inspire each and everyone in the audience. Each talk is selected and customized to the audience I speak to. No two speeches are ever the same! – Aparna Rajawat

Keynote Topics

Here are some topics in which Aparna has excellent expertise and is known for:

Women Exclusive
  • Strength awakening session
  • Legal rights for women
  • Self-defense training
  • Be your own hero
  • Pink Belt Power
  • How meditation can change your life
  • Mindfulness and be awake
  • Witness of bigger picture
  • How to be awake
  • Power of “I AM”
  • Overcome adversity and negative challenges
  • Build authentic relationship and trust
  • Boost engagement and performance
  • Goal settings and achievements
  • Dealing with daily obstacles
  • Leadership in business
  • Power of stress
  • How to overcome exams fear
  • Encounter of bright future
  • Tools of memory power
  • Art of concentration

But that’s not all! Speech topics can be developed or customized according to your goals and specific needs. Please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to meet your demand!

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