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TRANSLATION “India, strength of mind and muscles against rape – » A three-year-old girl was violently raped and killed in India, I am amazed. Government continues to change but women’s safety remains at the bottom of the list. I am in America and when I ask myself “why?” these explanations come to mind: law enforcement is zero, so don’t worry, women have no voice or if they talk, they are not heard. Because they are secondary citizens, education is full of discrimination that starts at home by parents, ND women have only one role that is to be raised to be someone’s wife ». The reflection is of Aparna Rajawat, an Indian woman who has experienced pain and abuse. Martial arts champion, she was successfully living in London and decided to quit well-paying work to return to India. She has learned respect for herself and wants her “Indian sisters” to do it too. Then she created the Pink Belt Mission association, traveled to seven states in India, 28 cities and spread the culture of equality and self-belief to about 150,000 women through seminars in which she teaches girls to be strong physically but also mentally. On Facebook she spreads her Inspirational Speakers: talks about legal rights, equality, and teaches self-defense techniques. Trains the girls to be strong physically but also mentally. » Our only goal – she writes on Facebook – is to ensure that every woman in our country should be proud of their existence, in order to protect themselves, to feel equal and worthy as men, our journey will not stop until then ». Sarpanch, the heads of the villages, are also invited to her seminars in order to replicate the “Pink Belt” clubs in the most remote areas. On the page there are photos and videos of the girls who saved themselves. Monika Singh tells her story: she was a victim of stalking, but learned to defend herself and became her own hero. Aparna was threatened with death and received no aid from her government, but continues her battle. In her inspirational speeches she tells the young women: “Never doubt that you are precious, powerful and deserving of every possibility and opportunity in the world”. According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation survey, India is the first most dangerous country in the world for women. Last year the death penalty was introduced for those who raped children under 12. Rapes from 2007 to 2016 increased by 83%.”

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