Know Aparna Rajawat


Life Story 


She is a multi-faceted, talented, dynamic, motivational speaker and Life Skills Coach whose story is not merely a rags to riches but a story from scratch to the sky and struggles, She has fueled positive change for International audiences from students to Corporate Employees to Business Leaders by showing them the live example of positivity, consistency and persistency. Aparna is known for creating interactive programs that engage her audience.


Born and brought up in India, country of rich heritage and culture, She is International medalist in martial arts and various time National champion, Aparna was also known event choreographer and she organised numerous dance shows across the country, But due to major Road accident, She had to leave her glorious career in Sports & choreography.


After her Masters in English literature and Business management, she started working in tourism as a International Tour Manager & moved to London. This role required her to travel around the world & gave her opportunity to do a lot of research on the social system, religious beliefs, culture, marriage system etc in the country and also led her to open her mind and start seeing at some extent about condition of women suffering in India & aimless youth, In so many ways women are not seen equally. 


Aparna has in-depth knowledge about pain and sufferngs of Indian women as she was raised in same way too and because of that she always thought very differently about the role of being women in Indian society.


After interacting with women from around the world she changed her views about existence and importance of her role as a female. She works to strengthen every women and youth to know their true potentials and worth.


She returned from London and devote her life to do something for India. Aparna came forward and Started “Pink Belt Mission” She aimed to give every women SELF - strength & respect to be able to see this world is safest place for them to live.


It led Aparna to become inspirational speaker for women rights, Her powerful words & approach made her one of renowned motivational speaker in India, Her powerful self stories teaches people how to make life worth in best possible way. she share true stories of her struggles and adversities in best humorous and inspiring way to motivate people.


Aparna is known for tecahing best skills by connecting and engaging people to have more influence in business, through the use of effective tools and Sharing her own powerful journey through story and the formula she discovered, you come to that magical place where the art of story meets the business of persuasion.